Course Overview


Pitch Catch School of Acrobatics is excited to offer 3 new ways of training with us!

~9 Week Spring Intensive~ One week  Summer Taster Intensive~ 4 Week Fall Intensive~

Welcome to Pitch Catch Circus: School of Acrobatics. The country's first acrobalance intensive. Our program is designed for intermediate to advanced students, teachers or performers who are looking to advance their acrobalance skills in a safe, inclusive environment.


During both our Fall and Spring courses students receive coaching in partner/group acrobalance.  We round out the course with instruction in tumbling, handbalancing, general conditioning, dance and flexibility training.


Our Spring course is an advanced Dutch-style training. Students receive 35 coaching hours a week with Dutch masters Niko Douwes and Ellio Blox teaching alongside  tumbling expert Cassie Drew, base extraordinaire Ryan Hamity, and Icarian expert Christine Moonbeam. This program includes training in Standing Acro (hand to hand and foot to hand), dynamic skills, dance acro, and Icarian. You may come for the whole time or in 2+ week blocks. 

Due to the cancellation of half of 2020's spring program, this year's Fall program will be open to both intermediate and advanced acrobats. Intermediate students will focus on building strong foundations in hand to hand and foot to hand, as well as other areas of study. Advanced students will deepen foundational skills and progress into dynamic skills. Students receive 28 instructed hours a week in the same areas of study as our spring program. Coaches  Christine Moonbeam, Ellio Blox, Ryan Hamity and Cassie Drew will offer integrated instruction in High Acrobalance, L-Basing Pops, Drops and Whips, Adagio Dance Lifts, Hand to Hand drills and progressions. Students may come for the duration of the training or in 2+ week blocks. 

9-Week Spring

Training Program 2021

Level: Advanced

Dates: February 22 - April 30

Half Term: March 29 - April 2 (No School)

Hours: 8:30-3:45 M-F

Location: Asheville, North Carolina


Coaches (Rotating):  Niko Douwes, Ellio Blox, Cassie Drew, Ryan Hamity, Christine Moonbeam 

5 Day Intensive

Standing Acro, Icarian & Adagio

Summer 2020

Level: Intermediate

Dates: July 20 - 24th

Hours: 9am - 4pm

Location: Detroit, MI

Coaches: Cassie Drew, Ryan Hamity, 

Devin DeAngelis, Courtney Julia, Sarah Sofia Wilde, Jay Mplezos

4-Week Fall

Training Program 2020

Level: Intermediate/Advanced

Dates: Sept. 7 - Oct  2

Hours: 9:00-3:30 M-F

Location: Boulder Area 

Coaches (Rotating): Ellio Blox, Cassie Drew, Ryan Hamity, Christine Moonbeam

Pitch Catch was founded by two aspiring circus artists who ran away to England to pursue their dream of flying. After earning their training wings at various schools, they started dreaming of even greater heights. So they returned home to the United States to open the school of acrobatics. 


Pitch Catch was born out of a desire to create more opportunities for high level acrobalance in North America and to strengthen the global acro community through support, play, passion and exploration.  It is our mission at PCC to create a circus environment that celebrates all genders, ethnicities, nationalities, and humans of various economic backgrounds and sexual orientations. We strive to build a vibrant and diverse microcosm that shines brightly to the world at large-- and showcases how the "impossible" becomes easy and beautiful when we work together, act inclusively and support one another.


Pitch Catch co-founders Apryl and Ilana searched long and hard to find an intensive acrobatic program to continue their studies. No matter what country or continent they looked to, they could not find one. Figuring they were not alone in their desires, they decided to create the school of their dreams.


We hope it is just what you've been looking for too!

-Hand-to-Hand Junkie? Apply for our new one week Dynamic H2H Intensive, June 2018.

-Apply for our 4-week intermediate 

Fall 2018 program or 9-week intermediate/advanced Spring 2019 program