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Pitch Catch Circus is now accepting applications for the following program(s):​

  • FALL 2023: October 15 - November 16

  • SPRING 2024: March 11 - April 12

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Who should apply?

The ideal candidate will be:


  • Intermediate or advanced acrobats.


  • Show proven dedication and discipline to training as well as a positive team attitude


  • Looking to improve their professional skill set and/or committed to raising their personal practice to the next level

  • Hoping to gain a greater level of technical understanding

  • Excited about building and strengthening their acro community in an inclusive way

  • Interested in working with others collaboratively rather than competitively


here Here to see



you must be at least 18 years of age to attend


1. If you are new to Pitch Catch fill out this online APPLICATION FORM.

**Returning students please use this application form. Videos are needed for returning students if they are changing tracks (i.e. interm to adv, adv to pro track), or if you are applying for pro track and previously took it in Spring 2022 (requirements have increased)

2. Submit video using requirements below to (youtube link is ideal).

3. If applying for BIPOC fellowship or scholarship, fill out this very brief form. You will also need to fill out the application form above.

4. To ensure an even balance of students, Pitch Catch staff will be accepting students in monthly waves: December 1, January 1, February 1st and March 1st. Applications received after March 1st may be considered on a case by case basis. 


Please use spotters or variations if necessary and do not attempt anything you are not comfortable with. Our primary goal is to understand where you are in your current practice. The most important thing is that you train safely, with proper technique and a positive attitude, the rest we can learn together.  
Alternatively, if you are applying for intermediate or advanced tracks and have a performance or training video that adequately expresses your skills, you may submit that in lieu of a formal video application. We may however ask for additional videos. Pro Track students must submit a video using the requirements below.



Solo Skills (needed for all students) 

  • 30 second handstand (spotted okay)

  • 2 different handstand entries (i.e. kick up, tuck up, straddle up)

  • 5 push-ups 

  • 20 v-ups

  • 5 pull-ups (assisted okay)

  • Backward roll

  • Forward roll

  • Cartwheel or round off

Intermediate Students

  • Two high with the base walking – please include two different entrances to two high

  • 10 Second l-basing tuck sit

  • Camel or High Bird – please show with two different partners

  • Standing foot to hand – please show entry, ideally with two different partners

  • 10 second low hand to hand hold – okay if it’s spotted

  • Show us three attempts at jumping into low hand to hand

  • Show us three attempts at standing hand to hand (spotted/in lines okay)

  • 20 second foot to hand hold (l-basing or standing)

  • Show us your best trick

Advanced Students

  • Two high with the base walking – please show two different entrances to two high

  • 10 second standing tuck sit

  • High Side Star 

  • Hi Bird

  • 20 second foot to hand hold (l-basing or standing)

  • Jump into low hand to hand

  • Standing foot to hand – two different entries

  • 10 seconds standing hand to hand, controlled exit (i.e. back to shoulders, slide down the back)

  • One additional entry into standing hand to hand (ideally with a different partner)

  • Standing reverse hand to hand 

  • Show us your best trick

Proficiency Track

(please be safe, but we will expect you to be able to do the fundamentals and the competency skills without a spotter. We are unable to consider your application for Pro Track without complete videos. If you don't have the videos you need, you may be accepted into the advanced track with a possibility to test into Pro Track after your first week on the program. Also, please note: if you are applying for Pro Track, you must come with a training partner or group. If you do not have one, we'll do our best to match you up, but we cannot guarantee participation without a partner. )

1. Fundamentals–please show ALL of these

  • Walking forward, backward and sideways in standing tuck sit and straddle sit

  • Walking forward, backward and sideways in hand to hand

  • Extended hand to hand 10 second hold, clean exit

  • 3 Tempos in reverse or regular foot to hand (base and flyer bend together tempo). Ideally to full extension, release not necessary. 

  • 3 Tempos in hand to hand (legs together handstand). Ideally to full extension.

  • 10 second reverse hand to hand hold. Please show autonomous (i.e. no third person) entrance and exit. 


2. Competency Skills – please show all of these skills

  • Inlocate

  • Shoot through (exit through the middle from h2h) 

  • Foot to hand bum down

  • Hand to hand trust dive (throw from hand to hand to straddle catch, formerly known as kaze)

  • Toe pitch to regular or reverse f2h, consistent and comfortable without spotters

  • A mono skill of your choosing (i.e. liberty, one arm hand to hand, or knot). Hold 10 seconds with clean exit

4. Bonus Skills - these are common repertoire in Pitch Catch. It’s not necessary to show all of these skills, but the more of them we see it will assure us that you share a common language and a well rounded vocabulary. 

  • Boom boom (inlocate to two high, tempo into hand to hand)

  • Tam pam

  • Relocate

  • Cartwheel to h2h

  • Handstand on shoulder

  • Standing Shoulder stand


5. Group Work - Proficiency Track has regular amounts of group acro involved. If you are not experienced with the following, it will not be a deciding factor in your acceptance into the track. However you will be asked take classes in the advanced track in the following areas if they are areas of inexperience. If you have videos of where you're at with these skills, please include them.

  • Banquine 

  • 3 highs

  • Swings

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