Pitch Catch Circus is now accepting applications for the following program(s):

~Spring Course, March 7-April 8, 2022



  • 30 second handstand (spotted okay)

  • 2 different handstand entries (i.e. kick up, tuck up, straddle up)

  • 5 push-ups 

  • 20 v-ups

  • 5 pull-ups (assisted okay)

Acro (Fly or Base)
  • Two-High with the base walking (Proficiency track, base jumping)
  • 10 Second Tuck Sit (intermediate l-basing, advanced/proficiency standing)
  • Standing extended arm skill (intermediate: camel or high bird, advanced: high star, proficiency: extended f2h or h2h)
  • Your best trick (Proficiency track, please send videos of at least 3 of the higher level skills you're working on, spotting/lines okay :)
  • 20 seconds foot to hand hold (low or standing)
  • Standing Foot to Hand (proficiency track, please include f2h bumps)
  • Hand to Hand (Intermediate level: low or standing; Advanced: min 10 seconds standing; Proficiency: hand to hand bumps (i.e. for a push up to extended or dynamic skill)


  • Backward roll

  • Forward roll

  • Cartwheel or Round Off

In addition to the online application form. please also supply us with a video link showcasing as many of the skills below as you can safely perform. DO NOT INCLUDE PHOTOS, we want to see your ins and outs. 
Please use spotters or variations if necessary and do not attempt anything you are not comfortable with. Our primary goal is to understand where you are in your current practice. The most important thing is that you train safely, with proper technique and a positive attitude, the rest we can learn together.  
Alternatively, if you already have a performance or training video that adequately expresses your skills, you may submit that in lieu of a formal video application


1. If you are new to Pitch Catch fill out this online APPLICATION FORM.

(Returning students please use this application form. No video needed)

2. Submit video using requirements below to (youtube link is ideal).

3. If applying for BIPOC/Trans fellowship or scholarship, fill out this very brief form.

4. Pitch Catch staff will respond to your application within two weeks of submission. We accept students on a rolling basis. Final deadline for Spring 2022 is February 15th.

Who should apply?

The ideal candidate will be:


  • Intermediate to advanced acrobats, acroyogis, performers or physical movers


  • Show proven dedication and discipline to training as well as a positive team attitude


  • Looking to improve their professional skill set and/or committed to raising their personal practice to the next level

  • Hoping to gain a greater level of technical understanding

  • Excited about building and strengthening their acro community in an inclusive way

  • Interested in working with others collaboratively rather than competitively

Check out what past students have to say in testimonials



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you must be at least 18 years of age to attend