Frequently Asked Questions


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Is Accommodation Provided?


Unfortunately, at this time we are not able to provide housing accommodation directly to students. However, we will work hard to make sure you have a safe place to stay! We will be building a forum to connect students with local housing options, and with one another for short term housing possibilities. When possible, we will also work to connect  you directly with the housing market in Boulder, advertising vacancies or room shares as we find them.

What is the overall content and structure of the course?


We will be offering instruction in a variety of acrobatic styles: high acrobalance, trio work, hand to hand, banquine, icarian, adagio and toss the flyer. If you have specific tricks in mind, just ask. We will be offering 35 hours a week guided, hands on acrobatic instruction. Each student also gets a 30 minute private lesson each week. Within those 35 hours, we will also provide you the space to continue perfecting certain moves or working on act creation. It is important to us that you leave Pitch Catch with the sense of accomplishment you were looking for. For some of you that may mean being more comfortable with bigger, dynamic tricks while others will want to leave with a solid act. We will provide you with the coaching, space and instruction for both.  For an even better understanding, click here to see our training video, PITCH CATCH CIRCUS 2015.

Will the course be offered again next year?


Yes! We will be offering this course every Spring and Fall

I am worried about applying without a partner.


We understand that this is a real concern for people, but we are working hard to balance the number of bases, flyers with the number of duos/trios. The majority of our applicants are applying individually and are looking to match up with other flyers or bases in training.  Of course you will have the opportunity to decide who you wish to work with, some of you may pair off straight away while others prefer to work in trios or groups. Either way, enrolling safe and skilled acrobats is our number one priority and there will be no shortage of people who want throw or be thrown!