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9-Week Spring Program


spring program

Welcome to Pitch Catch Circus: School of Acrobatics. The country's first acrobalance intensive. Our program is designed for intermediate to advanced and dynamic students, teachers or performers who are looking to advance their partner acro skills in a safe, inclusive environment.


During our Spring course students receive 30 coaching hours per week in partner/group acro, tumbling, handbalancing, pre-hab, dance, private lessons and flexibility training. 



SPRING 2022,

March 7-April 8


Asheville, North Carolina

Facility: Fearless Athletics


Niko Douwes

Ellio Blox

Christine Moonbeam

Ryan Hamity

Cassie Drew


Sliding Scale

Video Requirements


  • Standing Hand to Hand (hold 5 seconds)

  • 2-High with the Base Walking

  • Standing Foot to Hand 

  • High Side Star

  • High Front Bird

  • Your Best Trick

  • Cartwheel

  • Front Roll

  • Backward Roll

  • 1 Minute Handstand (free or supported)

  • 10 Pull Ups (full or adapted)

  • 10 Push Ups (full or adapted)

Please train safely and use spotters or  make adaptions where necessary 

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