9-Week Spring Program


spring program

Welcome to Pitch Catch Circus: School of Acrobatics. The country's first acrobalance intensive. Our program is designed for intermediate to advanced students, teachers or performers who are looking to advance their acrobalance skills in a safe, inclusive environment.


During our Spring course students receive 30 coaching hours per week in partner/group acrobalance.  We round out the course with instruction in tumbling, handbalancing, general conditioning, dance, private lessons and flexibility training. We also offer open training jam nights twice a week to keep working what you want.



SPRING 2022, Dates TBD by September 1


Asheville, North Carolina

Facility: Fearless Athletics


Niko Douwes

Ellio Blox

Jeremy Martin

Christine Moonbeam

Ryan Hamity

Cassie Drew


9Weeks : $3,800

7 Weeks: $3,300

6 Weeks: $3,000

5 Weeks: $2,700

4 Weeks: $2,300

3 Weeks: $1,900

2 Weeks: $1,400

Video Requirements


  • Standing Hand to Hand (hold 5 seconds)

  • 2-High with the Base Walking

  • Standing Foot to Hand 

  • High Side Star

  • High Front Bird

  • Your Best Trick

  • Cartwheel

  • Front Roll

  • Backward Roll

  • 1 Minute Handstand (free or supported)

  • 10 Pull Ups (full or adapted)

  • 10 Push Ups (full or adapted)

Please train safely and use spotters or  make adaptions where necessary