New! Hand to Hand Intensive! 5 days, June 2018

New! Hand to Hand Intensive! 5 days, June 2018

Where: Boulder, Co

Level: Intermediate/Advanced

When: TBA 2020



3 Weeks: $900 - $2,000 

2 Weeks: $750- $1,500 

1 Week: $450- $900

Coaches: Christine Moonbeam

Ellio Blox, Ryan Hamity, Cassie Drew

Material: H2H, F2H, Icarian, Tumbling, Handstands, Trio/Group Acro


We hope students will leave this program with a stable solid H2H and gaining comfort in various H2H, F2H Enterances/Exits

3-Week Fall Program

Who should apply?

The ideal candidate will be:


  • Intermediate acrobats, performers or physical movers

  • Show proven dedication and discipline to training as well as a positive team attitude

  • Looking to improve their professional skill set and/or committed to raising their personal practice to the next level

  • Hoping to gain a greater level of technical understanding​

  • Excited about building and strengthening their acro community in an inclusive way

  • Interested in working with others collaboratively rather than competitively

  • Interested in delving deeper into foundations and technique of having a healthy acro practice

Check out our advanced

evening workshops this Fall!

Video Requirements

  • L-Basing Hand-to-Hand

  • High Side Star

  • High Front Bird

  • 2-High with the Base Walking

  • Standing Foot to Hand

  • Cartwheel

  • Front Roll

  • Backward Roll

  • 30 Sec. Handstand (Free or Supported)

  • 5 Pull-Ups

  • 5 Push-Ups

Please train safely and use spotters or make adaptions when needed. 

** At Pitch Catch we strive to make circus accessible to all types of people with skill and heart regardless of their economic background. Prices for our Fall Program run on a sliding scale model. We ask that you accurately access your income making potential when paying for this program. Your contribution helps grant access to others who may not otherwise be able to enjoy the benefits of circus. It also helps ensure we are able to continue offering this program in years to come. Thank you for training with us!

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