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Work Exchange Scholarship

Never for money, always for love.

At Pitch Catch Circus we believe in the importance of livin’ the dream

and we strive to make our training program accessible to everyone with heart and skill. We firmly believe that community and education is of the highest value. Therefore, we offer one work trade scholarships per program to a student based on monetary need and acrobatic merit. 

Eligibility: The scholarship is available to students on the full-time training course who are not eligible for any other discounts and meet all course pre-requisites

To apply for the work trade scholarship, click here. 

Work Trade Scholarship applications due by:

Fall Program: July 15, 2020

Spring Program: December 15, 2020 

The winner receives 50% off of full-time training costs.

Please first complete the application form and video submission portion of application, Fall 2018  Spring 2020

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