Matt and Liz
Cassie and Ryan
Put your hands up
Alex and Austin
Ashlee and Bryan
Massage Time
Miss Monika
Bryce and Cassie
Trio Counterbalance
Hand to hand with the boss
Cassie and Ryan
Group Pyramid
School yard antics in circus school.
Sam and Raquel
Stretching Time
Lani and the Boss
Kamikaze Drop
Ilana and Little A
Apryl and Austin
Candlestick to Hand to Hand
Trio Bridge
Alex and Marissa
Swing to Figurehead
Trio Acrobalance
Meet the coaches
Handstand Challenge
Hand to Hand
Seven Handstand Shape
Like a Boss!
Apryl and Michael
Extreme Dive Roll
Matt and Daniella
Dynamic Hand to Hand
Workin' the one arm
Handstand on Feet
Alex and Niko
Double Rainbow!
Bryce and Daniela
Toss the Girl
Man to Man
Alex and Lani
Peter and Maren
Kamikaze Drops
Teaching Time
Banquine to Hand to Hand
Training One Arm
Weight Training
Trio Bridge
Austin and Bryan
Working Hard
The Alexes
Hand-standing around
Seven Handstand Shape
Harry and Kirsty
Thai Massage
Neck to Neck
Lady Trio
Hey man, nice lines!
Caning it!
Hand to Hand
Cuddle Training
Stretching Time
Brains and Brawn
Bendy Handstands
Business as usual
Boy Tower!
Foot to Hand
One arm training
One girl, 8 bases!

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Bendy Handstands

Marisa and Coach Cassie make pretty shapes together.