New! Hand to Hand Intensive! 5 days, June 2018

New! Hand to Hand Intensive! 5 days, June 2018


Summer Modules
june 13-30

icarian, h2h, group acro

New this year! To better serve teachers, students and other folks with summer availability, we'll be hosting 3 one-week intensives (take 'em together or a la carte) in Denver, CO.


These modules are for intermediate and advanced students who want to dig deep into a particular discipline -- Icarian (including pops and whip pops), hand to hand, and group acro. (More descriptions of each below).


The program will run Saturday - Thursday, with 8-hour training days Saturday and Sunday (10 -7) and 6 hours training days (8:30 - 2:30) on Monday - Thursday. Partner acrobatics training is rounded out by instruction in tumbling, handstands, flexibility, and pre-hab/ conditioning. 

BIPOC and Trans Fellowships and Scholarship: 

We recognize that the very quality of our programs depends on the diversity of our students, and in order to provide recompense for that value, we are offering up to  6 fellowships to the program for BIPOC and trans students. This fellowship provides full access to the program at zero cost to the student, and is not based on financial need, but rather in recognition of the value that these students bring to the program. Click here to fill out a very brief application.

Where:  Denver, CO

Level:     Intermediate & Advanced

When:    Icarian: June 11 - 16

                Hand to Hand: June 18 - 23

                Group Acro: June 24 - 30

Facility:  Cheer Central Sun, Frederick, CO

Cost:       SLIDING SCALE (what is this? see below)

                     1 Module: $400 - $800

                       2 Modules: $700 - $1,500

                       3 Modules: $900 - $2,000

                *Trans/BIPOC fellowships available, and returning student discounts.

Coaches: Ellio Blox, Ryan Hamity, Cassie Drew, 

                    Jeremy Martin, Christine Moonbeam

Icarian Module

Icarian is a dynamic L-basing discipline, sometimes also referred to as "foot juggling". Traditionally Icarian includes several throws linked together in a sequence. 
Students in this module will drill Icarian fundamentals including all forms of straight throws in both 2 and 4 points of contact. We will be working with bases and flyers to build multi toss sequences linking foundational skills.  
Students will explore skills such as bed 360s, varial flips, passage, castaways, front tucks and martinis, with a variety of progressions and variations on these skills. The module will also include some whipcarian combining popping and whipping skills and other fun dynamic L-basing skills. In addition to training Icarian, students will have time throughout the week to train other acro skills in their practice.



Experience with:

  • Seated straight throws

  • Bed straight throws

  • Seated to foot to foot

  • Seated to bird and back to seated

  • Bird to reverse star, star to reverse bird. 

Hand to Hand Module

Is standing hand to hand your dream skill? Or are you comfortable in hand to hand but ready to take it to the next level with dynamic entrances and exits? This week is the one for you. The course will focus on standing hand to hand and will include other standing acrobats such as foot to hand skills, handstand on shoulders, etc.


  • Comfortable with l-basing hand 2 hand

  • Comfortable attempting Standing H2H

  • Walking in standing F2H


Group Acro

 We love that group acro means more people, more height, more possibilities. The module will cover three highs (including dynamic entrances/exits) and other stacking, swinging, including throws from two bases to a third base, banquine (including lazy backs, back tucks and tosses from platform to platform). We will have lots of great spotting and spotting lines to ensure everyone stays safe while throwing and catching. The module is suitable for both those newer to group acro and those with more experience. In order to ensure that everyone has a great experience, we will be limiting the number of flyers on this module, so flyers, sign up early to secure your spot!


  • Standing F2H 

  • Two High with Base Walking

  • Camel

  • High Bird

  • Some experience with group acro

Who should apply?

This year's program is for intermediate, advanced and advanced plus acrobats. 

  • Show proven dedication and discipline to training as well as a positive team attitude

  • Looking to improve their professional skill set and/or committed to raising their personal practice to the next level

  • Hoping to gain a greater level of technical understanding​

  • Excited about building and strengthening their acro community in an inclusive way

  • Interested in working with others collaboratively rather than competitively

  • Interested in delving deeper into foundations and technique of having a healthy acro practice


Photo credit: Nate Northey


At Pitch Catch we strive to make circus accessible to all types of people with skill and heart regardless of their economic  background. We ask that you accurately access your income-making POTENTIAL (i.e. not just your monthly earnings, but assets, education, etc.) when paying for this program. If you are able to pay more for the program, your contribution supports our BIPOC/Trans scholarships and helps grant access to others who may not otherwise be able to enjoy the benefits of circus. It also helps ensure we are able to continue offering this program in years to come. Thank you for training with us!

Here is a rough guideline, recognizing that it may vary quite a bit based on how many people you support with your income and/or what assets/debt you have.

Per Week Income                 Per Week Payment

Over $1,800                            $800

$1,200 - $1,800                      $550 - $800

$800 - $1,200                         $450 - $550

Under $800                            $400 - $450             

If you need additional helping conceptualizing this, we really like this graphic.

Photo credit: Nate Northey


At this time, while we would prefer to be more inclusive and understand there are many reasons people choose not to be vaccinated, we are currently only admitting students who are fully vaccinated, unless a student has a medical exemption and can show evidence from their healthcare provider for such. Students will be asked to show proof of vaccination and obtain a negative COVID test before joining the program. Students with a medical exemption will be asked to undertake additional quarantining and testing precautions.